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Relevant Websites

English Language Websites

Manchukuo, Capitalism and the East Asian Modern: Transhistorical Desire in Kishi the Vampire. See:

Kate Kondayen and Stephanie Mitchel, “Testament to Manchukuo,” The Harvard Gazette. 23 September 2015 [backup link]

On Jewish people in Harbin, see:

Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

Qing Imperial Harems

China’s Forbidden City: 10 Things You Need to Know

3 Tragic Tales from China’s Imperial Harems

Tatar diaspora in Hailar

Chinese Language Websites

Literature in the Occupied Period of Northeast China (Original: 东北沦陷时期文学 [backup link]) [Encyclopedia Entry On]

For discussion of the Greater East Asia Writers Congresses, see:

The blog: “East Asian Literature Field: Colonialism and Cultural Interaction in Taiwan, Joseon, and Manchuria” can be found at:

On Japanese Colonial Writers, see:

For photographs of Manchukuo, see:

Japanese Language Websites



日满鲜中年号对照表 (Dates, Japan, Manchuria, Korea)

Korean Language Websites

The Korean Manchurian Society

Russian Language Websites

Fox notes – currencies

Русско-Азиатский Банк, Харбин (Китай) 1919

Memories of the Gulags

Арсений Несмелов

Russians in China, 1926-1946 (Book/Index)

Lyudmila Solma

The Shkurkin Far East Archive – 6025 Rose Arbor, San Pablo CA 94806-4147, USA

Big Russian Album – many photos of Harbin

Stories of Manchuria

CER History (Russian)

Slaves Who Have No Homeland”: Under Different Masters (1945–1947) (Russian)

Port Arthur history

Radio interviews with Harbinites